Imagine you’re on a plane, and it hits severe turbulence, causing it to drop suddenly. You’d probably panic, right?  Most of Jesus’ disciples were fishermen, used to the unpredictability of the sea. Yet, even they panicked during a storm. While we might not face literal storms at sea, we all have our own “storms” in life – an empty wallet, a loved one’s illness, heartbreak, or the loss of a job and all sorts of personal struggles.  Do we panic or remain steadfast in our belief?  When life is smooth sailing, it’s easy to claim we have faith. However, it’s during the storms that our faith is genuinely revealed. It’s in these moments that we discover the depth of our trust in God.

A few years ago my friend had a sudden heart attack and passed away. He was a man of strong faith, a good father, good husband and good character, and it felt like it wasn’t his time. These are the storms of life. We have to accept what comes our way, including health issues like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure.  We blame our parents for our genetic makeup, some even blame God.  But we need to see these as part of life’s journey.

In the boat, Jesus asks his disciples, “Why are you so frightened?” It may seem like an easy question for him to pose, being both man and God. The disciples were understandably terrified by the intensity of the storm, yet Jesus questions their fear. What the Lord is truly telling us is, “Don’t be afraid. I care about you.” With authority, Jesus speaks, “Quiet now! Be Calm,” and the winds and waves obey, leaving the apostles in awe of his power.

And he woke up and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, “Quiet now! Be Calm!” and the wind dropped and all was calm again.  Then he said “why are you so frightened?” How is it that you have no faith?” They were filled with awe and said to one another, “who can this be?” Even the wind and the sea obey him” Mark 4: 39-41

Jesus is Sovereign. He is the Lord of the sea and sky, the Lord of everything. When we encounter the holy, it is an awe-inspiring, even frightening experience. God’s presence is often accompanied by lightning, thunder, and mighty winds. It’s crucial that we approach God with reverence, acknowledging his holiness and almighty power, rather than treating him like a casual hi-bye friend. We are nothing

To cultivate our faith and trust in God, we must communicate with him daily. Through prayer, we can speak to God and listen for his response. By walking with God through life’s joys and troubles, we grow as new creations in Christ. It’s essential to take responsibility for our actions rather than blaming others or even God when things go wrong. Instead, we should reflect on how we can deepen our relationship with the Lord, perhaps through increased prayer, reading scripture, or engaging in charitable works.

As Christians, we must bring God into our homes and lead our families in prayer. It’s not enough to simply call ourselves believers; we must actively practice our faith through prayer and action. Attending Mass and participating in the liturgy of the Eucharist is crucial, as it is through consuming Christ’s body and blood that we draw strength and grow spiritually.

Weathering the storms of life requires a deep, abiding faith in God. By recognizing God’s sovereignty, growing in our relationship with him, and actively practicing our faith through prayer and action, we can find peace amidst the tempests. My dear brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, know that no matter how fierce the storm, Jesus is always with us in the boat, ready to calm the winds and waves with his almighty power.

Written by Joan Kit Lee