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Liturgical Reflection

This Week's Personal Reflection

Do we let Him restore us?

Do we recognize Him in the people who offer us help?

Or do we let our pride stop us from being humble?

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October – Month of the Rosary
Rosary recitation at the grotto is at 6.45pm every night

Movie Nite!- 27 Oct, Sun

Time: 7 – 10pm (Venue: St Michael’s Room)

Title: Pay It Forward
Date: 31 October, Thursday Eucharistic Celebration @ 8pm Rosary procession @ 6.45pm

Date: 1 November, Friday Holy Hour @ 6.45pm Eucharistic Celebration @ 8pm (No 6pm Weekday EC)

Date: 2 November, Saturday Eucharistic Celebration @ 10am Blessing of niches will be
after the EC.
(No 6.30am Weekday EC)

Christmas Decorations

We invite parishioners who are not involved in any ministry to come forward to help us plan and decorate the church this year.
Please leave a note to express your interest at
[email protected]

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Celebrate Every Single Day in Easter Season! After experiencing so much joy as a community, let us continue to celebrate our love for the Lord and the joy His resurrection brings! So that we can experience the EXPLOSION at Pentecost.  The Lord is offering us even more at Pentecost! At the Easter Octave Day 8, Father Terence encouraged everyone not to waste a single day and to celebrate every day of the 50 days! What are we celebrating in the Easter Season? The Resurrection Ascension The coming of the Holy Spirit Apostles at Pentecost How can we experience the explosion at Pentecost? Spread Easter Cheer!! Invite family and friends out for a meal to celebrate Easter Send

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Encountering God

Featured Story

We could pray it in a church, in our room, in our office. Or we might pray it in the car, on the exercise machine, in the supermart, while doing housework or going for a walk. Bringing our hearts into the rhythm of the rosary is something we can do intermittently throughout the day. Got 2.5 minutes? That’s all a decade takes: one Our Father, ten Hail Marys, and one Glory Be. We can do that easily, pausing for a moment in between emails, in the car, waiting for the lift, in the office, in between meetings, in between errands. We can pray a decade while cooking dinner, sweeping the floor, holding a baby, or walking to my next appointment.

Featured Story

Featured Story

Featured Story

Jesus is waiting. He is waiting for you to spend time with Him. By Rebecca Tan  

Featured Story

Have we grown in the walk with God and in relationship with others recently? Father Augustine will give inputs on how to enrich life in our Lord. It is also a time to invest in yourself, to choose the things you want to do but never did before. Talks are also organized to ensure we are constantly learning new things! by Julianne Danielle Lim  

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