If you are here, that means that you are searching!

A time of searching together with others who are on the same journey, just like you, accompanied throughout by companions.

To a better awareness of what you are doing in your life, and maybe a goal to journey towards. Your search will lead to a change in the way you live your life.

You will arrive at a deeper understanding of yourself – why you think, act, or react the way you do.

We will introduce you to a person who can give you a direction in your life – Jesus Christ.

It is okay, you can still come and discover the deeper meaning of your life.

The RCIA is a process for those who are seeking to answer the invitation of God our Father to know Him and to be loved by Him. It is a journey to explore and discover who you are and to discover God our Father through Jesus.

It is a journey of discovery; a journey to know yourself and who God our Father is and His love for you.

No, you are not. Signing up for RCIA just means you are keen to know more about yourself, and about God our Father and Jesus Christ.

The next RCIA process at the Church of St Michael starts on Thursday, 13 June 2024.

Register your interest! You can either fill up your details here or you can email the Parish office at csm.secretariat@catholic.org.sg.

Be not afraid! Below are some suggestions – or Conversation Starters – on how to bring up the topic. Follow our Mother Mary’s lead and just say “yes!” and trust the Holy Spirit to guide you.

Conversation Starters

  • Inner Peace

    Share a story about your “old” self – the you that was more quick tempered, more bitter, more jealous, more resentful, more vengeful. Talk about how you were at odds with your family, co-workers, and friends. You may have tried yoga, exercising, taking up a hobby, or listening to music to find some calm but whatever peace you found did not last long. How did you finding a more lasting serenity?

  • Purpose and Meaning in Life

    Speak about a time in your life when you were busy going through the motions of family life and work – until one day something changed in you. Maybe you felt depressed, maybe you hit a loved one, maybe you yelled at someone in the office, or maybe you just felt bored and listless all of the time. Life felt stagnant and it no longer had meaning. Keeping busy, climbing the corporate ladder, and even earning more money no longer made you happy. Changing jobs did not make a difference. You asked: “Is this it? Is there nothing more to my life? What is my place in the universe? What am I here for?”

  • A Life with Direction

    Talk about how you are making an impact with your life – in big and small ways – and how you are guided in doing so by a greater force. Perhaps you are embracing green initiatives, championing for the voiceless, volunteering, caregiving, mentoring, or working for organisations that seek to make the world a better place for all. You are working to live and not living to work. You know your final destination and you know how to get there.

  • Life Transformation

    Recount a time when you were living a “good” life – work was going well, family life was bustling, and you had moved up in life and could afford more and more things. You always had places to be and you were constantly on social media posting and checking out the latest happenings. But where you once found excitement and interest, it had now become pointless. Life had become too tiring and hard, with you always on the chase. How did you transform your life for the better?

  • I know someone who wants to join the next RCIA process at the Church of St Michael. What do I do?

    Send this registration link (http://tinyurl.com/CSMRCIA2024) to them or email the Parish office at csm.secretariat@catholic.org.sg with their details