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Do we let Him restore us?

Do we recognize Him in the people who offer us help?

Or do we let our pride stop us from being humble?

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Easter Reflections & Rosary Devotions

Easter Reflection- 7.00 pm [except 20 May (PH): 8.00 am] Rosary Devotion- 7.45 pm [except 24 May (Evening Brew): 6.45 pm] Saturdays
Easter Reflection- 6.45 pm
Rosary Devotion- 7.45 pm
Rosary Devotion- 6.45 pm

Evening Brew- 24 May, Sat
Time: 7.30 pm (Outside St Michael’s room)

Ascension of the Lord (Day of Obligation)
Vigil Eucharist: 8pm- 29 May, Wed
Ascension Eucharist: 8pm- 30 May, Thu

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As we prepare ourselves after 40 days of conversion and awaiting Jesus resurrection, we also prepare our Easter Candles for Holy Saturday to bring it along with us. A few of us came together to decorate our Easter Candles and to get ready together. Have you decorated your Easter Candle? If not, you still have time! Otherwise, we will be providing candles for those who do not have their own candle

Let us  pay attention to the dying and rising of Christ in the Paschal Triduum of – Maudy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday. See you in Holy Week!

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Celebrate Every Single Day in Easter Season! After experiencing so much joy as a community, let us continue to celebrate our love for the Lord and the joy His resurrection brings! So that we can experience the EXPLOSION at Pentecost.  The Lord is offering us even more at Pentecost! At the Easter Octave Day 8, Father Terence encouraged everyone not to waste a single day and to celebrate every day of the 50 days! What are we celebrating in the Easter Season? The Resurrection Ascension The coming of the Holy Spirit Apostles at Pentecost How can we experience the explosion at Pentecost? Spread Easter Cheer!! Invite family and friends out for a meal to celebrate Easter Send

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Featured Story

Ever wondered how to go about evangelising? Felt lost and unsure how to share about God's love to others? We have some simple steps you can take today!   By Julianne Danielle Lim

Featured Story

We must constantly remind ourselves of our pursuit - are we keeping our eye on the prizes the world knows? God made us to be Saints but we have to constantly pinch ourselves throughout the day, are we living it?     By Julianne Danielle Lim

Featured Story

Being a disciple is one who has a living relationship with God and a relationship with the community. In choosing to be a disciple of Christ, our faith must be integrated into every single aspect of our life and not just on Sundays when we come to church for the Eucharistic Celebration. To foster a deep relationship with God, we must intentionally choose to abide in Him even when it means encountering the Lord by being in an uncomfortable zone. Our relationships with other brothers and sisters in Christ must be life-giving. Why should we then choose discipleship when it seems so difficult and appears to offer no benefits? Discipleship offers us fullness of life that nothing and nobody else

Featured Story

St Katharine Drexel (1858 -1955) Katharine Drexel was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on November 26, 1858. Her father, Francis Anthony Drexel, was a business partner of financier J.P. Morgan. Her mother, Hannah Jane Drexel, died a month after Katharine’s birth. In 1860, her father married again, to Emma Bouvier. In addition to their great wealth, her parents were known for their philanthropic endeavors. Drexel was raised as a young heiress in Philadelphia, and was educated at home. However, having traveled throughout the United States, she was aware of the difficult circumstances faced by Native Americans and African Americans across the country. Drexel—who lost her stepmother in 1883 and her father in 1885—wanted to use her inherited wealth to help these

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