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Liturgical Reflection

This Week's Personal Reflection

Do we climb mountains to get away from the hustle and bustle or the humdrum routines of our life?

Where are your mountains today?

Where do you go to seek an encounter with Jesus?

Is it through prayer, adoration before the Blessed Sacrament, regular Eucharistic Celebrations and retreats?

Parish Events & News

Chinese RCIA: Rite of Election- 17 Mar, Sun

Time: 2pm

Venue: Church of the Holy Cross

The 5 catechumens Clare Wong, Anne Tay, Joachim Khoo, Julia Goh and Grace Tan from our parish Chinese RCIA, together with 152 catechumens from 15 other parishes, will be taking part in the Rite of Election in the presence of our Archbishop William Goh. As we draw closer to the celebration of Easter, let us pray in particular for all those elects who will be entering our holy Catholic Church as they go through the Sacraments of initiation this Easter.

You Gotto Move it, Move it!- 24 Mar, Sun

Time: 12noon – 2pm (Venue: Level 3 Classrooms)

CSM Seniors Club- every Tue

Time: 9.30am t0 12.30pm

Lenten Reflection – Starts 7 Mar (Mon to Sat)
Time: 7.00pm

Stations of the Cross – Begins on 8 Mar (all Fridays)

Eucharist: 6pm; Stations of the Cross at 7pm

There will be no Holy Hour on Fridays during Lent

Parish Cleaning Day – 6 April, Sat

Time: 7am (starting with breakfast and praise & worship)

Penitential Service- 9 Apr, Tue

Time: 8pm (at Church of St Michael)

Briefing- Pilgrimage: St Paul’s Journey  (Greece)- 14 Apr, Sun

Time and Venue to be advised

CSM Family Vacation Time- 20 to 23 Jun, Thu to Sun

Register after all Eucharistic Celebrations

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Connect with the latest happenings in our CSM community!

St Michael’s “theatre” was full house last evening, this Saturday night! The film traces the rise of the band, Queen, through their iconic songs and reaching unparalleled success. But in an unexpected turn Freddie, surrounded by darker influences, shuns Queen in pursuit of his solo career. Father Terence explains from a spiritual point of view how we can draw parallels to our own lives and be alert. Wondering how you can watch a movie through the lens of a Catholic? Join us for the next movie night! 

Check out all the photos here!

Event Photos

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Lent Commitments  I have a penchant for eating out in restaurants with my family. This Lent, I would like to cut back on dining out and be creative on how we can still spend time together I have a habit of having 1 coke light a day and this Lent I will try not to have any for 40 days. I would like to foster my relationship with the Lord through this sacrifice During this season of lent, I desire to fast from negative thoughts and my insecurities. I want to feast more on being less self-centred and less judgmental 饺子宴  Treasured Friendships 每个月, 第三周“途羊之家”有饺子宴,欢迎兄弟姐妹们一起来分享。 时间:11点到下午3点 地点:圣弥额尔堂 地址:17 St

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Encountering God

Featured Story

As a story goes, a man acquired a new property. After some time and effort, he had managed to renovate and to clean it up. He had also taken time to replace his appliances which were short-circuiting or had worn out due to wear and tear. As part of the renovation process, he had also installed a new security system that required thumbprint and retina access and could only be unlocked by him. One day, as he was cleaning his counter-top, the door bell rang. “Oh I have guests?” He thought to himself, “Okay, maybe it’s time to have a party to celebrate my new property.” peering through the door, he saw a group of finely dressed people. “Well,

Featured Story

What is forgiveness? Forgiveness is to allow the other person not to be God. Forgiveness says, “ I know you love me, but you don’t have to love me unconditionally, because no human being can. “ I remember the many times people lamented to me about how they had tolerated a particular person for the longest of time and they could not deal with his or her practices anymore. Indeed, every single day of our lives, we need to make the effort to forgive others for their unintentional or intentional hurt they have inflicted onto us. We are all wounded. We are all filled with brokenness and it is precisely this feeling of inadequacy that lurks behind our constant

Featured Story

How I made it to the CSM Parish Retreat 1-3 March There were many calls to attend a CSM retreat in 2018 but alas, I am a freelance English teacher and my main income came from my weekend teaching sessions – I taught 4 classes on Saturday of 8.5 hours and 3 classes on Sunday of 6.5 hours. I had the perfect excuse for not attending any retreats. So to my surprise, one of the centres hired a teacher from UK and I was told abruptly that from February onwards, my services were no longer needed on Saturday evenings and on Sunday. The shock of having less income was pacified with the feeling that I needed a break anyway

Featured Story

Reflect: The Wilderness may seem like a place of desolation - it is an open, vulnerable place where there are possibilities of attacks from wild beasts and temptations, but it is also a place where as Psalm 144:1 says, “Blessed be the LORD my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle.” The Israelites were led through the desert, to prepare their hearts and to purify them that they may become true people of God. Give Thanks I give thanks for this time and this season of searching, defining, preparation, and purification. Consecrate Holy Spirit help me to see as you see. Purify my vicinity, my heart, my intentions, works, thoughts, and deeds. Purify this

Featured Story

The season of Lent is a time for reflection, repentance and renewal when we are invited to prepare ourselves for the celebration of the Lord’s resurrection. Here is a compilation of scripture verses we can read and reflect on reflect on during this week in Lent. Mark 1:12-13 At once the Spirit drove Him into the desert and He remained there for forty days and was put to the test by Satan. He was with the wild animals, and the angels looked after Him. Psalm 51:12 "A pure heart create in me, O God, put a steadfast spirit within me." Joel 2:12-13 “But now,’ declares the Lord, ‘ come back to me with all your heart, fasting, weeping, mourning.

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