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Liturgical Reflection

This Week's Personal Reflection

Do we let Him restore us?

Do we recognize Him in the people who offer us help?

Or do we let our pride stop us from being humble?

Parish Events & News

24 Hours with the Lord- 21 to 22 Jun, Fri to Sat

Time: 7.30pm to Saturday 7.30pm (Worship Hall)

Consecration of the Family to the Sacred Heart of Jesus- 28 Jun, Fri

Time: 6pm (during Eucharistic Celebration)

Holy Hour- 5 July, Fri

Time: 7.30pm (with Eucharistic Celebration at 8.30pm)

Bible Awareness Sunday- 14 Jul, Sun

Get a copy of the Bible at $10 (on sale after every EC)! 

Bible Mondays- 15 Jul to 16 Sep, every Mon

Time: 7.45PM to 9.45PM (Venue: Worship Hall)

Evening Brew- 19 Jul, Fri

Time: 7.30pm (Venue: Foyer at St Michael room)

RCIA (Eng) New Process

RCIA is looking for facilitators for the new process. If interested, please email:

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Celebrate Every Single Day in Easter Season! After experiencing so much joy as a community, let us continue to celebrate our love for the Lord and the joy His resurrection brings! So that we can experience the EXPLOSION at Pentecost.  The Lord is offering us even more at Pentecost! At the Easter Octave Day 8, Father Terence encouraged everyone not to waste a single day and to celebrate every day of the 50 days! What are we celebrating in the Easter Season? The Resurrection Ascension The coming of the Holy Spirit Apostles at Pentecost How can we experience the explosion at Pentecost? Spread Easter Cheer!! Invite family and friends out for a meal to celebrate Easter Send

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Encountering God

Featured Story

On the 23rd to 25th of June, parishioners of our church took part in a 3-day family camp at De Bintan Villa Resort. Besides gaining insights into how to spread God's love in their families, they also had lots of fun taking part in activities that the resort provided. by Ethan Tan

Featured Story

During the past few weeks and days I have not been able to sleep well as I was worrying about my CT Scan today and Blood tests for my Lung Cancer. I know I should stay positive for the sake of my family and loved ones, but having Cancer now for the 5th time, it does not get any easier. I have missed attending JB Prayer Group and some Sunday Masses because I was hurting inside and did not want people to see me in this state. On Sunday 3pm I attended the Healing Mass and found myself in tears which I tried so hard to hide. The words that Fr Augustine spoke felt like Angels were with me and

Featured Story

Recently, we had a whale of a time at Bintan for a 4D3N family camp. Through the bonding activities within our very own family and as a big CSM family, many of us were touch by the love of God through the experiences that we had. Enjoy reading these sharings of our brothers and sisters! By Melliana

Featured Story

While a proper house would cost about S$20,000 and the monthly electricity bill works out to be about S$5, many of these households make about S$2 a month from the odd labours that they undertaken and can barely feed themselves, much less afford a proper house.  By Brian Bartholomew Tan  

Featured Story

God desires to bring us out of our "ghetto" mindsets, of pride, brokenness and being comfortable, into His kingdom where we can live the fullness of life. By Rebecca Tan

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