“To Serve and Not to be Served.”

Welcome to the Church. Our motto sums up our dedication and devotion to the Church as we extend our warm greetings and help to our parishioners as co-hosts of the Church with the Parish Priests. We see to the comfort of the congregation and their needs, and assist in the Eucharistic Celebrations by ensuring a smooth reception of Holy Communion, offertory collection, etc.

Young Wardens

“There are friends who point the way to ruin, others are closer than a Brother.”  Proverbs 18:24


The Church of St. Michael is renowned for its formation of Young Wardens, a role that is often performed by adults. We are a dynamic group of youths above the age of 13 who are called to serve and not to be served. We also serve one another by journeying together, growing in our faith and as a person through our sharing of experiences. In addition, our friendship extends beyond our service in church. The friendships we build here at St. Michael’s are not just temporary but are for life.