Parish Assembly
Sunday, 1 September 2024
9am to 5pm
Catholic Spirituality Centre

We will be having our Parish Assembly on 1 Sep 2024, Sunday. This is a time when we come together as one parish, to learn about our journey and how we have progressed as a parish for the last few years. Together, we also give our thoughts and voices as one community, one parish, to plan, chart and shape our way forward and our focus for the next few years. The venue is the Catholic Spirituality Centre (CSC). We will start with EC at 9 am and will end at 5 pm. Lunch will be provided. As a member of the Church of St Michael family, you are all strongly encouraged to participate in the Parish Assembly so do mark your calendars and we hope to see as many people there as possible.

Please note that on 1 Sep, there will be no 11.30 am EC. In conjunction with the Parish Assembly, we would also like to get your thoughts and sentiments with this quick 3-minute survey – it’s nothing complicated, just do take out your phones now, to scan the QR code/click the link below and complete the survey