On this 5th Sunday of Easter, the Gospel passage introduces us to the farewell discourse of Jesus. We recall on that first Holy Thursday night, where Jesus offered an example of humble loving service to others. We are also called to do the same – to humble ourselves and be of service to others – and exemplify his command of love.


Upon encountering the Lord, the disciples’ lives were transformed. As a result, out of their deep love for Him, they wanted to live that love in action – that is, to continue in the mission of Jesus in reaching out to others in love, just as Jesus first initiated it on that Holy Thursday night.


In today’s Gospel, Jesus says: “Just as I have loved you, you also must love one another. By this love you have for one another, everyone will know that you are my disciple.”


Yes, God’s love surrounds us even today with the same intensity as it did from the very beginning. We who have been touched by the Risen Lord, nothing would ever be the same:


“You are my witnesses – it is the Lord who speaks – my servants whom I have chosen, that men may know and believe me and understand that it is I. …I am the Lord, there is no other savior but me. It is I who have spoken, who have saved… You are my witnesses….” (Isaiah 43:10-13)


Well, I remember a day while in a bus, seated by myself at the privileged sitting area for the elderly and expectant mothers. Then came two young children: a boy, about ten years old nudging lightly to his younger sister to take a seat beside me. That nudging is more than just an act of responsibility of an older brother. For me, it expresses the boy’s attentive love and care for his younger sister in a real way. Steadily, the two came to sit beside me. A woman passenger seated opposite us, was smiling admiringly behind her mask as she watches the children’s tender-love and respect for each other. Isn’t this simple act of kindness an expression that the Lord is asking of us?


The whole gesture has also impressed upon me at how a quiet, gentle act of love coming from a little boy, can speak so much of Jesus’ command to “LOVE ONE ANOTHER”. When we witness such sincere care as shown by these children, it touches our hearts. It is an inspiring sight to see.


Written by Ministry of Lectors