Moses was curious about the bush that was burning but not burnt. It would make any of us curious but not everyone of us daring enough to have a closer look. Sometimes we prefer to remain afar and wonder at what is going on.


Our faith in the Lord invites us to be involved and not to be mere observers. To be involved, we need to get our hands and feet dirty. Getting involved in the community, getting involved in someone’s life means exactly that – getting dirty. To observe the community and to pass comments on the community is just not Jesus’ way. God our Father did not observe us from afar. Jesus became man to be involved in our lives, to live our lives.


When we decide to get involved, we will not be left alone. We will be guided by the Holy Spirit. To be involved is to be involved in our own salvation. God our Father cannot bring us to salvation if we refuse to cooperate with him. The journey necessarily involves us as active servants in the vineyard of the Lord.


Let us repent of our ways of being just observers to participators in the plan of salvation that is put before us.