It was evident that CSM through a survey conducted had a high percentage of those 50 and beyond  and with that a need emerged to form a club for Seniors to engage them in the community.

We had 3 high teas for them before we launched Seniors Club in 2019.

With the blessing of our parish priest, Fr Terence we kickstarted on 12 Feb 2019.

As always in CSM, we are enthusiastic to come together to fellowship with food  drawing us together and most of our seniors are good cooks at that!!  Their willingness to share their gift is truly amazing and weekly we were filled delightfully!

However it was not only physical food but spiritual food too that was dished out through our spiritual director Fr Augustine.  Weekly he would bless us with spiritual nourishments short and sharp and with his bombastic voice even the deaf could hear him!!

We were blessed with a translator senior Rosa Sin who would help translate for our Chinese speaking seniors so they too were nourished.

During Lent, we engaged them in specially crafted stations for seniors which would be meaningful for them in their state of life.

The more able bodied seniors formed ourselves into a coordinating team to collaborate for our seniors.

What else did we have weekly on a Tuesday morning from 9.30 am to 12.30pm?

  1. Check in time with one another.  Those early birds would sip a cuppa coffee and just chat in the canteen area.
  2. The ladies in the kitchen would busy themselves with preparation of the teabreak and lunch menus.
  3. Exercise time be it praise and worship with actions or seriously getting down to our body parts to be enlightened as to how to better our physique as seniors.
  4. Line dancing, rummi-o, fun mahjong, bingo, ukulele entertainment with Roland or sit and chat was all part of their enjoyment weekly. We even had art and craft
  5. After lunch around 12.30pm all adjourn home for a well spent morning and take their siesta!!

Oh yes we did  slot in outings like to Gardens by the Bay and Fort Canning for variety and taking in the sights of Singapore!

12 Feb 2020 was to be our 1st anniversary but Circuit Breaker came into the scene and everything was on hold.

However, grandparents sessions are now ongoing on zoom,  undertaken by our resource arm CFSM to run talks for our seniors who are grandparents as a means to help them better manage their role in their families.


Contact: Rachel Foo (Coordinator)/Jennifer Noronha(Support)