Fr. John van Dich on Leave- 5 to 29 Jun

Fr John will be away on leave from 5 to 29 Jun 2019. We wish him “Happy holidays”.

Wedding Bells

Those who desire to enter into the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony will have to book their wedding dates one year in advance. The booking will be confirmed only when the necessary documents are signed.

Infant Baptism- 3 Aug, Sat

1st Saturday of Aug, Oct and Dec

Preparation for Infant Baptism
To help families prepare early for their baby’s baptism, we invite pregnant mothers in their second trimester to register with the Parish Admin Office.

Email: [email protected]

Morning Bible Study- 12 Jun, Wed

Fr Augustine will be commencing

Bible Study (Book of Genesis) on Wednesday mornings at 9.30am. We will begin next Wednesday, 12 June at St Luke’s room. All are welcome.

Bible Mondays- 15 Jul to 16 Sep

Fr Terence will be teaching about the Prophet Amos on Monday nights. Stay tuned for more details!