Priests on Leave
Fr Terence: 29 Apr to 10 May
Fr Augustine: 6 to 17 May
We wish them joy, peace and a rejuvenating break.

Funeral Guide/ Funeral Wake Rooms- w.e.f 27 May onward
The guides for Funerals held in the Church of St. Michael and for the use of the Funeral Wake Rooms will be distributed this weekend.

Wedding Bells
Those who desire to enter into the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony will have to book their wedding dates one year in advance. The booking will be confirmed only when the necessary documents are signed.

Infant Baptism
1st Saturday of Aug, Oct and Dec
Preparation for Infant Baptism. To help families prepare early for their baby’s baptism, we invite pregnant mothers in their second trimester to register with the Parish Admin Office.