Parish Library

We will be setting up a small library of Catholic books.  Those of you who would like to donate your Catholic books may approach the Parish Admin Office.

Transport and Drivers Needed for Less-Abled and Elderly

We are looking for parishioners who can provide for the above mentioned and offer their help using their own vehicles. Please contact the Parish Admin Office if you can and would like to offer this service.

Time-out for Soccer

Come join us every Saturday morning for a friendly kick around. Please contact the following for more information.

Sing for the Lord – Sunday, 5.30pm Eucharistic Celebration

Chorus Angelus Paxorium is looking for Choir members to Praise and Glorify the Lord with their voices at the 5:30pm EC. We would be very glad to hear from you and you can drop your name and contact number with our Parish Admin Office.

Choir Seeking Organist

Coro di Velli Angeli Choir for the 5.30pm Sat Sunset Eucharistic Celebration is looking for an Organist.

Lectors and AV Ministries

Recruitment Drive

Come experience the richness in God’s message and explore a journey of faith as you help to proclaim His Word!

Please contact the Parish Admin Office to express your interest for the above Choir Organist, Lectors’ and AV Ministries recruitment.

Fr John on Leave

Please note that Fr John will be on leave from 30 Jan to 9 Feb 2020.

Join the Family Life Ministry

We are looking for parishioners who are not involved in any ministry to come forward to help us care for the family life in the Church. The ministry will look into the areas of providing information on marriage, couple health, parenting, events to build family wellness and support for those in challenging situations like divorce, dealing with teenagers and ageing parents.


Infant Baptism– 1 February, Sat at 4pm

The CSM community welcomes Matthias, Raphael and Davina to this community. We pray that God continues to give them graces to grow strong in faith. We pray for their parents and godparents  too that they continue to be God’s good stewards caring for their children.

Preparation for Infant Baptism

A 6-session Infant Baptism prep starts from the 2nd trimester of the pregnancy. Kindly register with the secretariat so that the team can begin your preparations before your baby arrives.


Wedding Bells

Those who desire to enter into the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony will have to book their wedding dates one year in advance. The booking will be confirmed only when the necessary documents are signed.

Blessing of Married Couples on their Wedding Anniversary

Every last Sunday of the month at the 10am Eucharistic Celebration. Please register using the QR Code by the 21st of each month.