Holy Week & Easter Schedule

Maundy Thursday: 18 Apr 

Eucharist (English): 8.45 pm

Please note that there will be no Eucharistic Celebration at 6.30 am and 6 pm.

The Adoration Room will be closed from 7.30 pm on Maundy Thursday to 7.30 am on Easter Sunday.

Good Friday**: 19 Apr

Office of the Dead 7.45 am

Good Friday Services (Mandarin): 9 am

Good Friday Services (English): 12 noon and 3 pm

Stations of the Cross (English): 2 pm

The car park will be closed  from 12 noon to 3 pm

Holy Saturday: 20 April

Time (English): 8 pm

We invite you to decorate your own candle and bring it for the celebration. We will be providing candles for those who do not have their own candle.

Easter Sunday- 21 April

Eucharist Time (Mandarin): 8 am (with Baptism)

Eucharist Time (English): 10 am & 5.30 pm (English)

Vespers Time: 4.30 pm

Easter Octave Celebration:Witnessing in Communion- 21 Apr to 28 Apr, Sun to Sun

Come celebrate the Lord’s Salvation with the community. This 8-day event will help forge our understanding of our faith and deepen our sense of community. The Octave celebrations will take place after the weekday evening Eucharistic Celebrations and the weekend Eucharistic Celebrations (English).

Day 1: 21 Apr, Sun- A community renewed and reignited

Day 2: 22 Apr, Mon- A healing community

Day 3: 23 Apr, Tues- A loving community

Day 4: 24 Apr, Wed- A scripture-centred community

Day 5: 25 Apr, Thu- A forming community – nurturing the individual

Day 6: 26 Apr, Fri- A community wanting to tell

Day 7: 27 Apr, Sat- A celebrating community

Day 8: 28 Apr, Sun- A witnessing community