24 Hours with the Lord- 21 to 22 Jun, Fri to Sat

Time: 7.30pm to Saturday 7.30pm (Worship Hall)

As we are going to celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi, we invite you to prepare for this by spending 24 hours with the Lord and bathing in His love.

Please note: Adoration Room will be closed during this period.

Consecration of the Family to the Sacred Heart of Jesus- 28 Jun, Fri

Time: 6pm (during Eucharistic Celebration)

On this day, we will have the consecration of the family to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Those interested, please take note.

Holy Hour

5 July, Friday @ 7.30pm

Eucharistic Celebration @ 8.30pm

Come abide with the Lord. Let us open our hearts to listen to our God whom we adore.

Bible Mondays- 15 Jul to 16 Sep, every Mon

Time: 7.45PM to 9.45PM (Venue: Worship Hall)

Father Terence will be teaching about Prophet Amos!

No registrations will be required. Bring your Bibles!

Evening Brew- 19 Jul, Fri

Time: 7.30pm

Have a question about the Faith or Theology that needs quenching? Come you who are thirsty! Come and unpack your deepest queries
over a cuppa (of tea).