Match Day: Altar Servers vs EMHC

The idea of having a soccer match against the EMHC had been brewing on the minds of the altar servers for several months as they had been playing together frequently and were a confident team. The soccer field was eventually booked at St Wilfred’s for 1st January and the teams were formed at short notice.

The servers graciously allowed the EMHC team (considering their ages) to include the support of friends and their kids so there would be sufficient players, including substitutes. As it drew nearer to match day, there was great anticipation and a lot more people joined the teams. We played 7-a-side and then rotated players every 10 mins.


Game Faces On

Soccer Match Soccer Match Soccer Match

For the 1st game, both sides brought their best and it was a thrilling encounter. There was great passion and there was an onslaught of attack from the altar servers but the EMHC team’s goalkeeper showed his mettle, allowing the game to end in a draw.

For the 2nd game, the EMHC team gave the altar boys a tougher fight. The altar servers pushed their limits and ran their lungs out but experience on the side of the EMHC taught them not to over-exert and the EMHC team won this game.

Next, the teams were mixed and matched with both boys and girls showing that they all could compete equally in the game. Father Sam also played and showed us his skill.

Fr Sam Fr Sam 01

Towards the end, the servers wanted another game with those from the EMHC team who were also from their ministry previously, and their determination and industry saw them emerging victorious, while keeping a clean sheet.

At the end of each game, the players had cold drinks from ice boxes kindly sponsored by the EMHC, which was much needed to quench their thirst. There were also plenty of supporters (not only from the altar servers and EMHC) who came and made the atmosphere much livelier.


A Wonderful Shared Experience

Shared EMHC Mathew Jonas Joseph: “It was a wonderful time of bonding for our community, with people of various ages and it certainly made us feel young again. We know what to do and we intend to do it… But our body just does the opposite! Seeing the energy the young have, I pray they mature with the experience that comes as they progress along.”

Altar Server Jacob Hong thought it was a beautiful opportunity to interact with other ministries. “It helped us get to know more parishioners and not just their identity as ‘EMHC’ or ‘altar servers’”.

“I went actually just to support the EMHCs (being the underdogs 😅). However, after watching the game for a while, I felt drawn into participating in the game and have some fun. Needless to say, I was quite exhausted running around with the younger lads. It was fun, good team spirit and sportsmanship but above all, I believe all present, both on and off the field, had a great time bonding and starting the New Year ☺ ,” shared Vincent Chua, EMHC.


Article contributed by Mathew Jonas Joseph and Jordan Hong.