Fr. Terence and Fr. John, and Staff of Church of St Michael wish all Parishioners a Blessed and Happy Easter!

8 Days of Easter Celebration

As a parish, we will be celebrating Easter for 8 days as in the Liturgical Calendar.

Do join us as we continue to share the joy and renewal of Easter. Everyone is invited!

Day 1 (Sun, 1 Apr@ 11.30am)- Symbols of Easter
Day 2 (Mon, 2 Apr @ 7.30pm)- Renewed Life
Day 3 (Tue, 3 Apr @ 7.30pm)- Renewed Joy
Day 4 (Wed, 4 Apr @7.30pm)- Renewed Liberation
Day 5 (Thu, 5 Apr @ 7.30pm)- Renewed Redemption
Day 6 (Fri, 6 Apr @ 7.30pm)- Renewed Salvation
Day 7 (Sat, 7 Apr @ 7.30pm)- Renewed Community
Day 8 (Sun, 8 Apr @ 11.30am)- Renewed Vigour

Family Camp – 7 to 10 June

Please register at the parish office for this coming week if you have decided to sign up but we will be back at our registration booth on weekend of 7 and 8 April. So do come, talk to us and sign up. It is getting filled up real fast!