Bible Study Introduction (12 January 2018)

Q: share what prompted you to participate in this bible study? Why?

As a catechist, even I find it not easy to understand the Bible fully. Thus I’m here to understand it better.

Q: who are you here with?

My husband.

Q: what is one most important take away for you tonight? (A scripture/ gospel/ psalm/ Word from scripture)

The Bible is not like a storybook. A book in the Bible, for example, the book of Isiah, is made up of many books, written by many authors inspired by the Holy Spirit, then put together.

Q: what are your preferences for studying the Bible? Which format do you use?

I prefer to use the Hard copy copy so I can  highlight the verses and Put tabs on those that I find important. On a daily basis, I use the Laudate app

Q: after these 3 sessions of intro to the bible, how will you commit to getting to know Jesus better? 

Remembering Bible verses by heart and applying them, so that I can teach my children

Interviewed by: Kelly Loh, Communications Ministry