Prayer Workshop for Teenagers

Father Terence conducted four sessions of Prayer Workshops in the months of February and March, targeted at the teenagers of our parish.

We met up with Melliana, 20, who relates that her relationship with Jesus is sometimes still like an acquaintance. But she is on a journey to get to know Him better and saw as a good opportunity to strengthen her relationship with Jesus.

Q: Tell us, what  revelations have you discovered in these workshops?

In the past, it wasn’t obvious to me that my prayer life is really inadequate in many aspects. The reason why sometimes I feel that way is that I tend not to rely on God in my life. After attending a few sessions of the Prayer Workshop, I have learnt how to have a more meaningful quiet time with God. I practised what Father Terence taught us and I could feel the difference in the quality of the quiet time spent with God. I could feel my relationship with Him deepening as I continue spending time with Him in this way.

Q: How did you encounter God’s love in this journey?

I encountered God’s love in Father Terence who is so determined and patient in helping us to develop a good prayer life. The catechists who spent their precious Friday nights to help out during the sessions is heart-warming. Also, seeing everyone listening attentively and having an openness to improving our prayer lives were so encouraging. This has made me realize that everyone is trying to build a closer and more prayerful relationship with Him. I commit to having a more meaningful daily relationship with God our Father from now on.

Interviewed By: Julianne Danielle Lim