Christmas Octave 2018

The Church of St Michael had 8 days of Christmas Octave Celebrations with the overarching theme of Hark the Herald Angel Sing. All the ministries chipped in to help out with the celebrations over the 8 days.

Day 1 of the Octave featured The First Noel organized by the Youth. The word, “Noel” means ‘news’ or ‘shout for joy’. The celebration on Christmas Day highlighted the joy of the birth of our Lord as how the shepherds rejoiced as they left after visiting the manger.

Day 2 of the Octave was organized by the Lectors and the theme for that day was Santa Claus is Coming To Town. The person Santa Claus is derived from Santa Nicholas, or St. Nicholas. He was a Bishop of Myra who gave money to the poor in secret. The parishioners learnt the origins of Santa Claus and the real meaning of the things we do during Christmas as we prepare our hearts for Jesus’s arrival.

Day 3’s Jingle Bells Rock was organised by the Wardens. Does anyone know that the song Jingle Bell Rock has little or nothing to do with Christmas other than representing a festive time of gaiety. The true meaning of Christmas is empty without our Lord himself.

Day 4 featured I Saw Mummy Kissing Santa Claus led by the Catechists. The true meaning of Christmas is replaced by present day adaptations such as Daddy dressing up as Santa Claus and highlighting materialism rather than spiritual direction and providing material and spiritual food for those who really need Jesus. The night saw the Catechism children putting up a skit.

Day 5’s theme Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer was led by Comms. This song is very familiar to us and it has nothing to do with the real meaning of Christmas. The song however reminds us that Jesus did come for those who were overlooked by society. The Comms team sang their hearts out and did a reflection which explored the 7 misfits in the Bible and the origins of Rudolph.

Day 6 featured Christmas isn’t Christmas by the Choirs. Christmas has to begin with our hearts open to Jesus. There was the singing of Carols and the powerful sharing of how Christmas is different for the choirs this Christmas.

Day 7 – Feliz Navidad was organised by the Youth. Christmas enables us to have a new beginning as Jesus’s birth was the beginning of our salvation. There was P&W, talks and thanksgiving testimonies for the blessing in the year.

Day 8 was centred around Mary Did You Know by EMHC. There was a rosary procession and the singing of carols. There was an activity impressed upon the participants to trust the Lord in all things. What a way to start 2019!

By Kelly Gabrielle Loh

Pictures taken by Comms Ministry and also provided by the Parishioners of St. Michael

Please do see a selection of the glorious pictures from these 8 days by clicking on Event Photos