Celebrate Every Single Day in Easter Season!

After experiencing so much joy as a community, let us continue to celebrate our love for the Lord and the joy His resurrection brings! So that we can experience the EXPLOSION at Pentecost.  The Lord is offering us even more at Pentecost!

At the Easter Octave Day 8, Father Terence encouraged everyone not to waste a single day and to celebrate every day of the 50 days!

What are we celebrating in the Easter Season?

  • The Resurrection
  • Ascension
  • The coming of the Holy Spirit
  • Apostles at Pentecost

How can we experience the explosion at Pentecost?

Spread Easter Cheer!!

  • Invite family and friends out for a meal to celebrate Easter
  • Send out Easter cards/ gifts
  • Greet with “He is Risen”!

Decorate the House

  • Fill the home with lovely fragrance of freshly cut flowers
  • Gift flowers to our love ones in honour of Easter solemnity
  • Decorate our homes with white sashes on all crosses and crucifixes

Increase Devotion

  • Pray the Novena to the Holy Spirit
  • Pray the Divine Mercy
  • Pray the Rosary

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By Julianne Danielle Lim

Contributing Videographer: Isaac Lee

As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ in these 7 weeks of Easter, we look forward to the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost! Come together to gain insights into Christ’s teaching over a simple meal with fellow parishioners. Food and snack contributions are welcome!

Easter Reflections: Every Monday to Saturday- 7pm