Let Us Grow in Holiness

The renewal of our baptismal vows at Easter should be the high point of our Lenten journey. All that we do during this time of Lent should see us growing in holiness, the one vocation that we all have in common, and therefore one which we all should help each other growing. As we come together, we care for each other to build the community bond as well as be a mirror to one another to grow in holiness. We take the inspiration from each other’s struggles to spur us on in our own journey. Make no mistake, there should be no procrastination in the work of holiness.

Confronting sin as we turn to Jesus in order to build our relationship with him who loves, we are certain of his forgiveness for the repentant sinner. This intentional turning away from sin leads us to the many dying and rising, before we finally rise with Jesus, who sets the example for us of total obedience to our Father who loves us dearly. We take the road resolutely as Jesus did when he went towards Jerusalem to show the depth of his love for us and for our father.

May your journey during this time of Lent be a time of great blessing, deep renewal and intense growth.

Come, join us for the daily Lenten reflection at 7pm!

If you have not already done so, download your copy of the 2018 Lenten Reflection here:


(Lenten Message extracted from 2018 Lenten Reflection, The Repenting Community)

Do Whatever S(He) Tells You

Father Terence kicked off the first of four sessions of a Prayer Workshop last week, targeted at the teenagers of our parish.

We caught up with Judith Chua, 16, who was there to learn more about prayer, albeit a little reluctantly at first. She recounts her experience in this interview.

Q : Hi Judith, great to see you here. So tell us, what prompted you to participate in this Prayer Workshop?

 A : Well, my mother recommended that I join this prayer workshop. So, I’m not going to lie – at first I was quite reluctant to go. But after the first session, I found it really helpful – spiritually, emotionally and psychologically. I have taken away many key learning points that can be used to nurture my Catholic faith and deepen my relationship with God. An important takeaway for me was that meditation could help us pray and aid us in the nurturing of our relationship with God. Previously, I thought that meditation and prayer were separate and had no relation to each other whatsoever.

Q: How did you encounter God today at this session?

I encountered God’s love in Father Terence, as he specially made time in his busy schedule for us youths. He could be spending this time resting and doing other things, but he set time aside for this workshop. This shows that he is very dedicated to the church and to helping us in whatever way he can. He also has faith in us, that we will be able to live out what we’d learnt to get closer to God.  Father Terence was also very patient with us especially when we didn’t participate fully at times.

Prayer Workshop For Teenagers

Conducted by Father Terence, the workshop will run on 9 March and 16 March at 7.30pm in St. Thomas Room.

Come and learn more about the meaning on prayer and the different forms of prayer.

Register your interest with the Parish Secretary.

‘Our Pilgrimage’ Journey

Fast and Furious

Prayer, Alms-giving and Penance — the three pillars of the Lent are no strangers to Catholics who observe the season. With Ash Wednesday falling on 14 February, one meme ironically sums it up — “You can’t spell Valentine without Lent” this year. Archbishop William Goh, in his homily on Ash Wednesday shared with Catholics that Lent is a journey of charity and love, of harmonious relationships, a desire to be one with God and to help each other along the way.

Beginning with Fat Tuesday on the eve of Ash Wednesday, CSM Parish Priest Fr Terence Pereira encouraged parishioners to view Lent as a season of growth and to renew our relationship with God. This was followed by a Penitential Service the next day after the 8pm Ash Wednesday Eucharistic Celebration.  It was a meaningful session for many parishioners as they made their way around the church, reading and reflecting on posters narrating Jesus’s thoughts and feelings in the 12 stations of the Cross. Parishioners had the opportunity to write their own penance and submit them for sharing with the congregation. We connected with some parishioners on what they felt were some of the important messages for them this season.