Eucharist Explained

Eucharist Explained (14 & 27 Jan 2018)

Interview with Maria Sng

Maria on what prompted her to participate in today’s Eucharist Explained session:

“I wanted to know more about the meaning behind the Eucharistic celebration. To enhance my knowledge about the whole mass celebration and my family attended this Eucharistic celebration as well.”

Her most important takeaway today that wasn’t obvious before:

“The meaning behind making the sign of the cross.”

Maria on how she was touched by God at today’s session:

“That God loves me despite all my shortcomings.”

What she will share with others about her God encounter moment(s) she experienced today

“Celebrating the Eucharist is more than just a celebration and there are symbolic meanings behind each action.”

Maria on what she liked about the session and who she would recommend it to.

“I liked how Father Terence linked some of the meanings to history that dated way back, by explaining it in today’s context I will recommend this session to parishioners from other churches to attend.”

Interview with Gilbert, parishioner from Church of St. Anthony, and his family

What prompted them to participate in today’s Eucharist Explained session:

“Actually we missed out the Eucharist Explained session in St. Anthony’s (when Fr. Terence was parish priest), and we are here once we found out that we have a chance to attend this today.”

What is the most important takeaway for them today that wasn’t obvious to them before:

“When Fr. Terence said what we need to decide what is really going to change our lives and to implement it throughout the week, and we should carry on from the previous week. If we forgot what we have decided for the week, if we have not implemented it in our lives, then  there is no improvement – and that’s what really touched me. That will really keep me focused throughout the week from now on.”

How were they touched by God, their encounter with God at today’s session:

“The whole time during the entire doxology, and when Fr was explaining, and during the recital of Our Father, there was a strong presence of Jesus. We have this strong feeling that we would like to offer Him everything, and we would want to offer our everything to God.”

What do you like about today’s session and who will you recommend it to?

“We will definitely recommend it to our friends and maybe next year, I would invite more from my community to come here for this as well.”

Interviews by Charlene Sng and Alvin Tham, Communications Ministry, Church of St. Michael