Movie Appreciation Night

Movie Appreciation Night (20th January 2018)

Interviews with participants at the Movie Appreciation Night 

  1. Joey Lee, 17 with the secondary 2 children

On what prompted Joey to participate in this movie appreciation – “I wanted to be able to look at things of the world through the lens of faith.”

The most important takeaway for her that was not obvious to her before – “ It is important to take a step back and think when one is angry before jumping into making rash decisions in the heat of the moment.”

On how she was touched by God at this session – “I was touched by God when i saw how the guy’s friend was scolding the guy when he was at the police station about how he was ‘addicted to chaos’ and it reminded me of how God is present in our friends who tell us the right things to do.”

How she would share about her encounter with God today – “ I will share about how everything in our ordinary world that God is truly present.”

On what she liked about the session – “ I really like the fact that it may not be a show about faith but i was still able to see God’s teachings in it. I will definitely recommend it to everyone!”

  1. Jordan Hong , 21

On what prompted Jordan to participate in the movie in this movie appreciation night – “ I was curious as to how a movie like changing lanes could have a Catholic perspective to it. ”

The most important takeaway for him that was not obvious to him before – “ All movies should be viewed from the lens of our faith, for if we just watch movies purely for entertainment, we may slowly accept the subtle messages from the shows without realising it.”

On how he was touched by God at today’s session – “ I was touched as the movie showed an example of how truth could set a person free, which is related to the scriptures. “

How he would share about his encounter with God today – “ We should always face up to the consequences of our actions and not avoid them. “

On what he liked about the session – “The session was interesting as movie screenings at church in the past were all based on Catholic shows but this movie is one that is based on a seemingly ‘regular’ movie. I will recommend it to my family members!”

  1. Kevin and Yvonne Tan

On the most important takeaway for them – “ We learnt a lot about how when we choose to pause and reflect on God’s presence and wisdom in our lives, we will have more meaningful conversations, be happier, enriched and the circle of love and peace around us will be widened ! God is good, all the time. We praise and thank God for this opportunity for us all. “

  1. Alvin and Irene Tan

On the most important takeaway for them – “ The movie night was eye opening for us indeed. We have learnt and realised the importance of slowing down our pace when scenes in our lives change too fast. We also learnt the need to reflect on our words exchanged with people whom we have crossed paths with when things do not go right. It was such a fruitful Saturday night that we took away with us! Grateful and thankful for Father Terence’s insightful ways of teaching us to pause and reflect in life. Amen. “

Interviews by Rebecca, Communications Ministry, Church of St. Michael