Thank You, Jesus!

As missionary disciples of Jesus, we are called to bring Jesus to everyone and that’s what our jolly band of CSM carollers did! Our Neighbourhood Christian Communities (NCC) and parishioners belted Christian songs and danced through lobbies and homes in different estates around our neighbourhood. The joy of Christ our saviour being born was definitely heard and seen through Potong Pasir, Whampoa East, St George’s, St Francis, Jalan Bahagia! On another day in the heart of the Christmas Octave, we sang hymns and danced to the joy of the Lord at the Seniors Hi-Tea! We thank the Lord for the many new friends we made in this time together and couples who came to spend time with others in the CSM family.

By: Julianne Danielle Lim

Credit: contributing photographers, Henry Seah & Josephine Heng

In this never-before-done approach to celebrating New Year’s Eve, we started the early evening by giving thanks with songs of praise and worship to God our Father with a grateful heart for 2018. I could not help but feel moved to tears, as I looked through the camera lens and recollected how far we have come as a CSM community in the last one year.

One could also feel the presence of the Holy Spirit moving gently in the worship hall, as Father Terence led how we can rely more on  Jesus and less on ourselves. As he shared a few of the 22 love letters Witten to Jesus by parishioners, many wrote that they had never written letters like this before and yet, still persevered. Our hearts were full of appreciation of the amazing grace bestowed by the time it was adoration. The reverence and honour being in God’s presence peaked at the doxology, as we counted down the last few seconds of 2018 and into a 2019. God makes EVERYTHING brand new!

Written & Photographed by Julianne Danielle Lim

Credit: Isaac Lee, contributing photographer