From The Heart of CNY 2019

The distribution of blessed oranges in bright cheerful red bags to Parishioners was made on 初一 (the First Day of the Lunar New Year) after both English and Mandarin Eucharistic Celebrations. Two days prior to this, eager volunteers had gathered to help the packing of 1,800 oranges. With everyone helping in the gusto of the community spirit, the exercise of packing oranges took only 30 to 45 minutes.

There is no better way to celebrate 初一 with the Lord in mind and heart – parishioners came dressed in various shades of red and in their best. Each gave thanks to the Lord before the commencement of the visiting and feasting with relatives, and were reminded in the homily to keep God in the centre of the celebrations.

By Kelly Gabrielle Loh

As we celebrate this joyous season, let us remember this verse:

“A blessing for you, because the Lord your God loves you.” Deuteronomy 23:5