24 Level 3 children, received their Sacrament of First Holy Communion on 3rd of November 2018 at the 5.30pm Eucharistic Celebration.

Catholics recognize the importance of the Sacrament of First Holy Communion as it is the core focus of the sacramental life in the Catholic Church. We come to receive Christ in the body (bread) and blood (wine) at the altar.

The community of CSM’s, family and friends rejoices together with the little ones as they receive Christ in their lives.

How did you prepare with your family?

My family and I attended the neighbourhood sessions conducted by Uncle Chris & Aunty Jacintha from the Extraordinary Ministries of Holy Communion (EMHC). I learnt about receiving the Holy Communion and what Reconciliation means. They taught us prayers and told us stories. They also gave us activities to do with our parents at home too. I confessed my sins to Fr John, prayed the Act of Contrition and he forgave my sins. I now have a better understanding of what Holy Communion means to me, especially after the nightly family sessions with my parents, for the two weeks leading up to my 1st Holy Communion.

– Ethan Nathaniel Khor

We had the neighbourhood sessions to prepare for our First Holy Communion and through that, I learnt how much God loves me. Having the holy communion is like having Christ in me.

– Jeremiah Tang

What does First Holy Communion mean to you?

When I received Jesus, I felt gratefulness. I felt so happy to receive Jesus because he has saved us from sin and is our salvation. No matter what, I will have him with my life, heart, soul, mind and strength. Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ!

– Shaun Ng

When I received the host for the first time, I felt that Jesus and I had become one. Receiving the host reminds me of how Jesus died on the cross for us because of our sins. The neighborhood sessions also helped me in learning more about Jesus and I enjoyed the chances I had to go up to the altar.

– Jayden Teo

It makes me feel that Jesus is in me. I am thankful to God the Father for sending Jesus down on earth to suffer and die for us. He gave the apostles the power to change bread into the body and wine into his blood so we can receive him in Holy Communion.

-Zachary Wong

Receiving the First Holy Communion meant that I was able to receive Jesus who came down on earth to save us from sins and bring us to everlasting life. We pray that Jesus will help us with our problems and burdens that we experience in daily lives. Being able to receive Jesus is really special to me.

– Jotham Law

What advice would you give to the next batch?

God is real! Just place your trust in him and let him lead. Holy communion has drawn me closer to God. I would like to thank my family, Aunty Jaq and Uncle Paul for guiding and supporting me. God bless!

– Love Michael Tan

You should pray daily to Jesus, even if it is a small prayer every morning and at night. Go for Eucharistic Celebration every Sunday. And if not possible, to go on a Sunday, go on a Saturday. Do not talk in church, but receive the blessings! Try not to tell lies and walk on Jesus’ path. Sunday catechism classes have taught me many new things about Jesus. I thank Aunty Jaqueline  and Uncle Paul for accompanying me in my journey to receive Jesus.

– Sean Dsouza