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In Our Community – 26 July 2020

Eucharistic Celebration every Sunday at 11am, Making the Psalms Your Prayer Book, Share Your Story, Talk About Mental Wellness, Prayer Binds the Community Together, Share Your Story, Staying Connected with One Another, Seniors Club, - Check out what is happening this week at CSM and more, around the Archdiocese!

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Faith Formation

Featured Story

"Disappointments are markers on the road of life, saying: Perfect happiness is not here. Though your passions may have been satisfied, you were never truly satisfied, because while your passions can find satisfaction in this world, you cannot. Start with your own insufficiency and begin a search for perfection. Begin with your own emptiness and seek Him who can fill it."  - Fulton Sheen It is interesting that a fact check about St. Monica reveals that she is the patron saint of disappointing children. St. Augustine must have caused his dear mother great grief as he went about his life of disobedience, heresy, and debauchery. Yet, as the Church whose head is Christ, is run by human beings, St. Monica [...]

Featured Story

Walk into any bookstore and you will find a section on Self-Improvement. Or just google search Self-Improvement and there are many websites offering advice. One of the first books I read was Dale Carnegie’s ‘How to make friends and influence people’. The tips were innocuous. I still recall to this day the tip on the importance of not only remembering names of people you meet but to also use them in greeting and in conversation. Dale Carnegie said “A person's name is to that person, the sweetest, most important sound in any language.”  So the normal --‘Hi! How’s it going?’ – is CMI (can’t make it). It has to be ‘Hi Selena! How’s it going?’. Today’s self-improvement books and websites are, however, a [...]


Suspension of Eucharistic Celebrations and Devotions

Dear Parishioners and visitors,

Peace be with you. In line with the stricter measures for social and physical distancing, all Eucharistic Celebrations and Devotions congregating in a physical location are suspended until further notice. Do refer to the what’s In Our Community for more details. Thank you for your patience.

Weekend Masses
Sunday Mass liturgy
Sat. Sunset Mass Saturday
5:30 PM (English) in Main Church
Sun. Mass Sunday
10:00 AM (English) in Main Church

5:30 PM (English) in Main Church

Weekend Masses (Other Languages)
Sunday Mass liturgy
Sun. Mass Sunday
8:00 AM (Mandarin) in Main Church

Public Holiday Masses
Public Holiday Mass 7:30 AM (English) in Main Church

Weekday Masses
Including Saturday masses before sunset
Weekday Mass Mondays to Fridays
6:30 AM (English) in Main Church
6:00 PM (English) in Main Church
Weekday Mass Saturday
6:30 AM (English) in Main Church

Includes prayers, devotions, novena and intercessory prayer service(s) conducted by the Parish
Christian Meditation
Christian Meditation Tuesday
8:00 PM (English) in St Michael
Holy Hour
Holy Hour (Every 1st Friday of the month) Friday
7:30 PM (English) in Main Church
Prayers & Intercessions
Legion of Mary Tuesday
8:00 PM (English) in Main Church
Columbarium Prayer (every 3rd Sunday of the month) Sunday
9:00 AM (Mandarin) in Columbarium
Columbarium Prayer (every 3rd Sunday of the month) Sunday
11:30 AM (English) in Columbarium