In normal circumstances when a man is called ‘father’ he is at the same time a husband and at the same time a son and yet he is but one man. In normal circumstances this man is one existence but seen in three different ways. He is known from these three or may be more different ways. The Trinity is far simpler in existence to the extent that we do not know how to explain this simplicity. The human mind can comprehend with time complex existence yet when existence is too simple, there is always a difficulty in understanding it.

We often understand the Trinity in their activity, something known as the ‘Economy of Salvation’. The Trinity is known better by the action that each carries out for the salvation of souls. The relationship between the Persons in the Trinity is that which keeps them completely one is that there is just one God.

While it is good to dwell on the mystery of the Trinity and try to fathom the reality of such an existence, we might praise the Trinity if we are to try and live in unity with those we love and those in our community. The Trinity beckons us to emulate them. It is a high ideal but then what is the point of an ideal if it is not a lofty goal that challenges us to move towards it. As we try to be like the Trinity, we will be better off than where we are today. The negative thing to do is to look at the Trinity as an impossibility and look to something else to strive towards. God isn’t a Trinity to frustrate us. God isn’t a Trinity to ridicule us. God is and God is love. This is the ideal love to which we should attempt towards in our relationship with one another.

Questions for Reflection

How deeply are you one with the Trinity?

How seriously are you one with the persons that you love?

Does your attitude towards the community reflect your understanding of the relationship in the Trinity?