Knowing and Loving God is only possible with the help of the Archangels.


Our Father knows each one of us: Our joys, strengths and weaknesses, our successes and failures, our faith, our intentions, needs, hopes and dreams…  Jesus knew us before we even learnt about him. He saw us under the fig tree that is heaven. Not only does God knows us; He loves us. Thus He sent us his Son, Jesus, who is the One who is the true connection between earth and heaven.


The first reading from the Book of Daniel presents a vision of the Son of Man, the One in whom and through whom the salvation of God’s people came to be realised. Our salvation takes place, as long as we keep on saying “Yes” to God our Father and continue to participate in His plan of salvation. How eternal, how immense and great is God’s love for us! We are indeed graced and blessed by God, especially through Jesus Christ.


How much do we know God? How much do we love God? We know and love God through prayer, through our ministries, in our religious lives and in our relationships with other people. We know and love God through our participation in the sacraments, through Scripture and meditation and in the very living of our lives in the secular world with the values of the gospel. We know God through the life, death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ.


The Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael all point us to God, through Jesus Christ, who is our protector, our strength, our hero and our healer. Through the Archangels, God guides us how to live our lives.


The angels exist, even if we are not physically aware of their presence, they are around us.  They protect us and those we love from danger.  They are messengers sent by God, to tell us something that He wishes to say to us.


The one who uniquely worked to bring to pass God’s good purpose for humanity was, of course, Jesus. In today’s Gospel reading from St. John, Jesus speaks of himself as the Son of Man on whom the angels of God ascend and descend. The Archangels and Angels are God’s messengers to us. Jesus is God’s most complete messenger because he is God in human form, the Word made flesh.  Jesus sends us out as his messengers; we are all called to share in the Lord’s work of bringing God’s good purpose for humanity to pass. Jesus is saying that he is the meeting point of heaven and earth, the place where God meets with us.

Written By,

Ana and Lilian Chua