We gather this weekend to celebrate the 33rd of 34 weeks in Ordinary Times. It’s two weeks away before we start a new liturgical year. The black fog caused by COVID19 pandemic continues without abetting. Uncertainties surround our livelihood, health and personal freedom. The ancient Israelites, they had experienced repeated sudden disasters unlike those of C19. What gave them security?


The 1st reading taken from the Book of Proverbs highlights the benefits of learning from history, the lived experiences of those before us. Throughout the Old Testament, stories abound assuring us of our Father’s mercy and protection always. The family of Jacob was rescued from famine (Gen 42). The healing of commander Naaman from leprosy by prophet Elisah ( 2Kings 5). Moses beseeching the Lord to heal his sister Miriam when she was punished by the Lord for her disobedience (Numbers 12).


St Paul in the second reading reminds us that we are God’s beloved children. Like the ancient Israelites, when we walk in the Lord’s way, our happiness and prosperity will be secured regardless of circumstances.

God our Father gives us what we need – money, natural talents, spiritual gifts and his Word to do what He has called us to do. Today’s gospel reminds us that God has firstly predisposed us (his servants) of talents enough to produce more.


We are called to be like the wise wife in the first reading. She had used her talents and abilities around the house and helping the poor and needy (Prov 31:20).


The parable teaches us to use our talents to glorify God, serve the common good, and further God’s kingdom.


Our prayer for the week : Lord may we grow in trust as we learn to be vulnerable, to forsake our self-interest in favour of compassion for the poor. Lord, may we abandon the security in playing the 3rd servant. May our neighbors encounter Jesus through us with the talents you have provided. Amen.


Jacqueline Ang / Yvonne Yeong