We are fingers pointing out the way to Jesus for others.

“Look, there is the lamb of God!” John the Baptist pointed to Jesus as the Lamb of God, as the Chosen One of God. This was his mission: A finger pointing to Jesus. His finger is always pointing, ‘There is the lamb of God, follow him.’ Where is our finger pointing?

Do we realise that many times, we tend to point our fingers at ourselves due to our egoistic pride? We point ourselves out to others because we want people to pay attention to us. We think we know what is best or that we know everything, and thus, we want people to follow us.

Imagine a person, full of self-pride, pointing his/her finger at him/herself and saying, ‘Look at me! Look at me who is marvelous! Listen to me. Follow me.’ Perhaps we see that we are pointing our fingers at the faults of others. We simply see the many bad and negative faults of others and we start to complain and compare. Imagine again a parent standing with his/her wagging finger at a child and saying, ‘Why are you not like your elder brother/sister? Why are you like that? Why can’t you be a better?’ Perhaps our fingers are pointing at the many attractions that the world offers to us. We point and we always want to get that latest tech gadget, that fashionable outfit, that sleek car, that extra tuition class to add on to the many other classes for the children, etc. We point and we get, and we accumulate.

Yet, we never seem to be satisfied.

John the Baptist pointed his finger at Jesus and told the people to follow him.

We also read from the Gospel that John the Baptist baptized Jesus. Although John the Baptist felt that he was unworthy to even “untie the sandals” of Jesus, he still obeyed and this shows that he is following the will of God. We see the importance of placing Jesus at the centre of our lives and trusting Him.

For without God, we are nothing and will go no where!

Today, let us point our fingers, not to ourselves or at faults of others or worldly attractions, but at Jesus. We point Jesus so that our children, parents, siblings, nieces/nephews, friends, colleagues, etc. will start to follow the Chosen One of God.

Where is my finger pointing at? To whom is my finger pointing to?

With Peace,

Patrick & Geraldine

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