We can see that since the beginning of time that Our God is a jealous God (Exodus 34:14). What does jealousy mean in this context? It means that God has our total love for us and us alone. Despite his great love for us, he has given us a choice to be with him or to be with some other ideals or goals. In the reading we are told that the people of Israel could follow their ancestors and worship the god of Amorites. If we find serving Him alone is undesirable and causes us misery because it is because our hearts are not with him, and our love is not pure enough. We are conflicted with other desires and pursuits in life and therefore following God our Father is choosing a tough life, then we have to remember what exactly He has done for us.

The people of Israel replied that only the Lord their God has freed them from slavery in Egypt and protected the land from harm and performed great signs in front of their very eyes. Perhaps in our life, we have complained about many things and could not see what these signs were and had our own version of Amorites – money, fame, success. As we could not see God our Father acting in our life, as we were blinded by the distractions of the world. If we really sat down and reflected, we could have driven our own god of Amorites out and enjoy serving the Lord. Just like in John 10:10, the thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.  The false gods in one’s life have a higher possibility of destroying the person.

The right mindset and heart of not having others gods will enable us to give reverence to God our Father and this continues with a reverence existing in a household where the husband and wife give reverence to each other. The husband and the wife surrender to each other and as the husband to lead the family into holiness with love and the correct set of values following the example of how Jesus Christ loves the church. Created in love we are instruments of God’s love. To truly worship the Lord is to use this love that is within us as we show love to others lead our families into it. If we set our sight on our Lord, he will guide us just like in John 15:7. “ If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you”


The anchor of a ship is important. A ship will be in peril if it does not have an anchor.  Setting our minds and thoughts on worldly desires does not exactly leave us with an anchor. To build strong building blocks the source must be the unchanging and everlasting Lord. Jesus always went back to our Father and always listened to him. Since we have been given the gift of the Holy Spirit, we too should have a stable, strong anchor and be able to do great things. Therefore, doesn’t scripture always insist that we rely on it? “Thy Word is a Lamp unto my Feet and a light unto my Path” Psalms 119:105

The Gospel of today tells us that Jesus’s way is not the easiest way, if we take a look at those who stood up for our faith or being disciples in our workplace, we are often persecuted and it can often sting us because we have to live up to so much expectation and the weight can be unbearable. It easier to follow the world and tougher to pay for what comes after that. Paradoxically, if we are living the Word of God, we can let these things pass. Today, we are challenged to be rooted to Christ, to be patient, to persevere and to have fortitude. The Gospel tells us that the Lord gives us a choice. It is not everyone who stays but where will we be if we do not stay with the Lord? If we choose to be bold and to go with the Lord, he promises us a life where we are glad to serve the Lord. It is trusting God our Father and believing in Him that the journey finds its’ meaning and only through faith will see us through rocky situations.

Written by:

Coro Di Velli Angelli
Daryl Stewart