This week’s readings and Gospel are interwoven together to give us an individual invitation to build his kingdom by leading a Christ centred life: This is a life that’s free of sin , a life that bears a  witness of Christ to others through our works and that which brings them closer to our Lord.

Our Father invites us to a closer relationship with him through his son Jesus Christ by emulating the life of his beloved Son. We respond to this invitation by putting our trust in our Lord and redeemer Jesus.

Our Father chose us to be his sons and daughters through his Son Jesus Christ regardless of who we are , where we come from , what we have done in the past, what we do, or what’s our status in society. This testimony is found in Christ’s followers, the Apostles. They were not holy people or sinless when they were chosen to do God’s work. Each one of them was chosen not for who they were or their social standing. They were chosen to be holy and sinless in order to spread the Good News and be Christlike in their work towards humanity. Life was not easy for each of the Apostles, and they went through many trials and tribulations. Some of these were because of their own limitations but they persevered in holiness until the end. They grew in holiness until Christ was formed in the lives of the people that they came across. The Lord qualified his people with the graces that were needed.

We have been saved by the grace of God and by the gift of Christ in our lives. It is not by our own works and therefore not an entitlement or matter of pride.  We are called to be Christlike, who will provide a loving service to our brethren and sisters and thus be a witness to Christ where others will come to trust him. We can be Christlike in our relationship with members of our family by bonding with them. We can be witnesses of Christ at our workplace when we go an extra mile to help our colleague/boss without an agenda. We can be Christlike to our neighbours/ministry members by offering physical or emotional help. There are various opportunities in our daily lives to be that gift of Christ to others.

Christ is the mediator between us and God and our sins were forgiven when his blood was shed for us which brought about salvation to human kind. A continuous resolve for repentance,  faith, obedience, humility and perseverance is needed for our salvation.  A close and intimate relationship with Christ is needed to encounter him and be Christlike to our brethren and sisters.

Our Father calls out to each one of us to have child-like faith. Our response to this call is important.

Nicollette Karanth