Alleluia! The Lord has risen!

In some ways we have experienced loss in our lives. It might have been just a loss of a sentimental ring or a loss of a greater impact like the loss of a mother. The days that followed the loss were spent in grief. Imagine the traumatic feelings the disciples had to grapple with along with the shame of having abandoned the Lord. Mary of Magdala must have loved the Lord much for despite her sorrow and loss went to do what was needed for the Lord. She visited the source of her pain – the dead Jesus only to discover something confusing had happened. She sought others for clarity about her confusion.

Out of love Mary went to the tomb. Out of love for the Lord, we too need to enter the tomb in our hearts. As Mary sought help from others, we too cannot remain in the darkness of our confusion. We who are in our pain should visit the source of our pain in order to overcome the confusion and contradictions that resides there. Only through death we believe comes new life.

The resurrection of the Lord should set us firmly in our belief that life does not end in tragedy but is a stage before new life unfolds. There is a need however to let go of the linen cloths in the tomb to leave of the tomb of sorrow and regrets. New life is offered to all who believe in Jesus Christ.

Questions for Reflection

Are you ready to allow Jesus Christ to conquer death in your life?

Are you ready for the new life with an open heart?

Are you ready for the new life that will take you to places where you least expect?