In the gospel of today, Jesus is out in pagan territory. It could be that he wanted to have some rest from the attention that he was getting from his own people. It is interesting to note that the first cure is that of a deaf man. On the surface it seems to be just another healing. Did Mark narrate this first healing in pagan territory for a purpose? Mark’s intention was to say that the pagans are deaf because they have not heard the Truth. They are deaf if they had not heard the words of Jesus.

Pagans are those who do not have faith in Jesus Christ. The passage indicates that some of them had a vague faith that Jesus was the healer. They did not know anything more. Those in our midst, in the office, in the neighbourhood, and in our families have some vague knowledge of Jesus but are deaf to the Truth. They will not know the Truth unless we who believe share with them this message of who Jesus is and what he has done for us. They are deaf due to our lack of willingness to tell them about Jesus Christ.

In the gospel of today, the people are told not to tell anyone about what took place. They were told explicitly not to tell anyone but they went ahead. We are told explicitly to tell others about Jesus Christ. Many like those in gospel do not obey and carry out what they have been told to do. People are lost because they do not know the Truth of Jesus Christ and will continue to wander and wonder where it is that they can find solace in a world that continues to confuse people.

Why didn’t Jesus simply say to the deaf man that he is healed like he had said to the lepers? It is obvious that the deaf man will not be able to hear. Therefore signs were needed. Spittle in Ancient Near East was considered to have healing powers. Touching the ear with spittle was a sign to the deaf man that Jesus wanted to heal him. So it is for us. When we go out to tell others about Jesus Christ, it must be accompanied with actions that encourage the listener to listen. Telling others about Jesus Christ should be in words and actions.

Questions for Reflection

Do my actions facilitate telling others about Jesus Christ?

Do I tell others about Jesus Christ even though I am tired?

Do I see a real need to tell others about Jesus Christ?