In this fast paced world we live in, an hour is too long. We live by the seconds and so the phrase, ‘Give me a moment’ or ‘In a moment’ of ‘Give me a moment’ is more acceptable. When Jesus spoke about ‘the hour’ it is for us the ‘moment’.

Every moment counts in this fast paced world. Every moment without our realizing it either builds or weakens us as a person. It only takes a moment to lie and in that lie, we destroy our integrity. It only takes a moment to decide when we are clear headed about matters before us. Jesus at his hour, at his moment was resolute in being obedient to his Father’s will. The focus was always there. He came to do his Father’s will and there was nothing to stop him from it. We can probably say that it was easy for Jesus to focus on our Father because he is God and always in union with the rest of the Trinity. This is true.

Let us consider ourselves. Are we not baptized into Jesus Christ? We have the Holy Spirit with us as Jesus had the Holy Spirit with him. We have Jesus with us until the end of time. The difficulty is not with the absence of God in our lives but the focus that we give. Our Father is absent from our minds and our hearts. This absence causes us to lose the moments where we can become more of who we are – children of God. We not only lose focus on our Father and Jesus and the Holy Spirit, we also lose focus on who we are. The distractions of the world and the activities of our lives direct us more and more towards the perishable things of this world. The loss of self as a person so loved by our Father pushes us to forget the very person, the very God who loves us. When you discover who you are in God our Father, you will discover the truth and there will be less and less a desire for the distractions of this world and then you will be ready to focus as Jesus was and to give glory to God our Father in all that you say and do.

Questions for Reflection

Do you really feel loved by God our Father?