Imagine spending several days pondering about what to give to someone on a special occasion. The going out to try and find what you have in your mind only to come to a conclusion that it has to be custom made. You go through all the trouble and time to get it done. On the special day of that person you present it and it is put aside with little or no appreciation for what was given. Imagine what you would you feel.

There is no imagination involved when we look at the reality of our Father preparing his people for more than a thousand years to receive the best gift that he can give. We know the story. We know the truth. Jesus the love of our Father was given to mankind. Jesus was the best that our Father could give.

Salvation through Jesus Christ is a gift freely given. Yes, we did not ask for this gift but we must bear in mind that we do not know how to ask for this gift nor did we know that we could ask for this gift. Today, there are still many who ask for healing or for good grades or a good partner in life or a good job or a good relationship with father or mother. How many people ask for a good relationship, a real relationship with Jesus Christ? Look back into your prayer life. How often have you just asked for Jesus Christ so that you can know him?

Questions for Reflection

What do you strive for in your life?

If you had to lose everything in life and except one person, who would you choose?