Most of us would have no problem answering the question: ‘Do you love God? It will be a resounding, ‘Yes’. The question seems redundant. However the real question is: ‘Do you love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength?’ Is this love constant? Looking at the usual normal day, is our heart filled with questions about the Lord we love? What part of our life and indeed day does the Lord occupy?

More often than not, God is given our spare time. However do we have spare time? Even if there is spare time, is it put aside for the Lord or is the spare time quickly filled up with the spare things that need attention? The reality about doing things during spare time is that whatever needs attention is of a very low priority. What is the priority given to the Lord?

Today’s gospel reminds us to devote our entire life to the Lord. Being a Catholic is not a part-time reality or even a job. It is being in love with the God who loves us completely. There is nothing better that we can do other than loving the Lord with our whole heart, soul, mind, and strength. This loving is shown when our neighbour is loved only second to the Lord himself.

When someone or something has captured your attention and it seems exceedingly desirable to be with this person or have this thing. The quest for this person or this thing often derails us from being with the Lord. Only the Lord can fill our deepest yearning.

Questions for Reflection

What is stopping you from having God as the first priority in your life?

Does your faith in the Lord enable you to place him before everything else?

Who has captured your heart?