Bartimaeus cried out in a loud voice continuously regardless of those who sought to shut him up. He was blind and not deaf. He would have heard about what Jesus had done for those considered less-than-complete by the society at that time. Bartimaeus had this one chance as Jesus was passing by to make his needs known.

Bartimaeus had faith and he had the courage to put his faith into action despite the odds he was facing. He had to overcome a less than compassionate crowd in order to get to Jesus. It was one man’s voice against the voices in the crowd. Bartimaeus persevered. He was certain about his need, as he was certain that Jesus would listen to his plea.

There are times in our lives where we have a need or an aspiration, but courage and determination is wanting and the outcome far from our desire. A blind man shows us what determination can do.

The Lord responded positively towards Bartimaeus and the Lord is waiting to hear our heartfelt plea as well. We do cry out to the Lord but is it a heartfelt plea? Approaching the Lord with confidence in his love for us will only deepen the relationship that we have with him. The approach that is made in love will only serve to deepen our faith. If we approach the Lord just for our needs with no regard for a deeper relationship with the Lord, we cheat ourselves of what the Lord can truly give us.

Love and Adventure,

Fr. Terence Pereira

Questions for Reflection

Do we seek the Lord for what he can give us or do we seek the Lord for who he is?

How deep is your desire for the Lord?

Are we running away from our sufferings or are we embracing the cross?