In the first reading, we hear how those who are not walking in the light would prefer to trip those who are walking in the light. How often these people’s opinions and comments do trip us up. Sometimes it is so frustrating that its not worth doing the right thing.

When there is no more right, what else is there? Going according to one’s opinion because one can think of these things and justify them does not necessarily mean that it right by God our Father.

If you live according to your emotions, are you a matured person? If you cannot master your emotions have you become who you are meant to be?

Being led by jealousy or envy is living according to your emotions. Emotions do not have any logic. The emotions control and direct your thoughts that are warped by the very illogical premise they began with. Jealousy and envy is already an indication that a person has not grown out of the past bad experiences of life.

Only the ambition to be with God our Father can inspire you to right actions. When an ambition is rooted in self-glorification it always lead to injustice and feuds. The truth is found in God our Father through Jesus Christ and not in what we think and perceive in the present moment. The truth is Jesus Christ. Be ambitious for what the Lord is offering to you and you alone. Often times we want what others have or be who others are. To do this is to reject that you are unique and that’s what the Lord offers you is to you alone and never to be repeated. However, we want duplicated things from the Lord.

Love and Adventure,

Fr. Terence Pereira

Questions for Reflection

Have you spent enough time to discover who you really are?

 Have you wasted enough time to look at the gifts of others?

Do you realise that you are unique and God our Father has a special place just for you?