Customs and culture are mostly good in themselves. Some customs and cultures have their roots in pagan belief. These must be avoided. For some people it is their custom to enter their new homes on an auspicious day and this is determined by the geomancer.  This is more than just a custom or culture, it is believing in another strange entity that says there other powers in the world apart and beyond the control of God our Father. No custom or culture that puts aside the Word of the Lord or the ways of the Lord can be tolerated.

In the gospel of today, the Pharisees and the scribes determine that there are other rituals more important than what was stipulated in the law of the Lord. Sometimes there are those who say that the Church made up it’s own laws and therefore go beyond the law of God and act like the Pharisees. When such comments are made, do those who make such comments really know the basis of the laws of the Church?

The law is not static. It develops with the lives of people and this is the reason we find that some new laws are put in place and some old ones revoked. The laws are usually an application of the Word of God in the context of our lives today.

Every society that does not have substantial laws to regulate its growth will lead to the destruction of the same society. Not everyone likes laws and it often seems like an infringement on personal freedom. However, if we allow for example people to spit wherever they like or stick their chewing gum wherever they like then many others will find it inconvenient trying to avoid these. Spitting in public may be a health hazard and so the freedom of an individual is curtailed.

Laws of the Lord are meant to help us grow spiritually.

Questions for Reflection

Do I know the wisdom of God’s laws?

Do I know the theological reasons for the laws in the Church?

Do I make up my own laws and regard them as more important?