How does one eat the flesh and drink the blood of the One through Him we all have our existence from? This is indeed a profound mystery for all believers. It is much easier to let this mystery pass us by when we state that the host and wine is merely a representation of the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. The very mystery of our Triune God is called into this deliberation. How do the three distinct persons become completely one without losing their individual identities? If we can accept this mystery without understanding it, should we not accept the mystery of the bread and wine becoming the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ?

The Bread of Life cannot be understood and fully accepted without our first accepting the Word of Life. When the Word of Life is not dwelt upon and used to live life to the full, the mysteries of faith will similarly be left on the side-lines as one of those things that we have but we do not really need in order to get on in life.

Unnourished by the Word we live an impoverished life that may even lead us to a static faith that borders on superstitious actions. Being in the clutches of superstition is very different from being inspired by the mysteries of faith.

Faith that does not grow is oblivious to the richness found in it

The gospel of today, invites us to go beyond the stagnant routine brought about by a knowing that was useful at one stage of our lives to a deeper level of relationship with the Lord. It is only with a deepened faith that we can approach the mysteries with a new vigour to know and live the faith in abundance.

Questions for Reflection

What are the visible signs of the growth of your faith?

Do you ponder further on the things that you know about our faith?

Is the Bread of Life a mystery that has been unfolding in your mind and heart?