What are the fruits of your faith? Is there any evidence of your faith? One might give testimony of going for Sunday Eucharist on a daily basis or give alms to the poor. If you consider your faith seriously, what would be the fruits of your faith?

One of the fruits of faith would be the willingness to talk to non-believers about Jesus Christ. This of course is brought about by a life of witnessing to the love you have for the Lord. A person who is always angry is a bad witness to the love of and for the Lord. A person who has no concern for the lowly is a bad witness. The second reading of today tells us of the confident and quiet faith one has even though times are difficult.

The gospel tells us that having faith in the Lord is not enough. Faith in the Lord must be translated into walking in the ways of the Lord. Faith does not know what is going to happen next, but is willing to walk with the person we have placed our trust in. Faith originates and returns to the same source. We have faith in Jesus, we do what Jesus is asking of us. Yes, there will be fear, but faith is stronger than the fear that we have.

It is time to show our faith through actions that we take. Just prayers alone will not strengthen our faith. The desire to come out of our comfort zones and actually go out there to spread the Good News will strengthen our faith. Does the faith that you live inspire others to want to know more about Jesus Christ? Does the faith you live motivate others to great and wonderful things for Jesus Christ? Does the faith you live attract others to do the same?

Questions for Reflection

What would you personal answer be to the question: “Who do you say that I am?” 

What are the areas of your faith that needs to be more visible?

How would you deepen your faith?