As we realize with today’s Gospel, it is not enough to just observe the laws. Observing the laws of the Lord is a step in the right direction. However it is still at the initial stage. The observation of the law must lead us to a closer relationship with our Lord. It is a relationship that drives us to give up the comforts of material things. When the relationship grows, we move from giving up one comfort and one security to the next. There is a constant movement deeper into the heart of our Lord. The mere observation of the law to save us from committing sins or because it is required of a believer, will only help us to go so far.

How often have we been in a similar situation as this young man who wanted to follow the Lord? He wanted to follow the Lord on his terms. He wanted the Lord to accept him with the thinking of the world.

A total surrender is what the Lord is asking of us. The response will only be possible if we remember that the invitation is his and the graces that come with the calling will enable us to make the appropriate response.

The Lord does not want us to suffer for the sake of suffering or empty ourselves of the things of this world for the sake of surrendering them. The Lord invites us to empty ourselves so that we can be filled with his love to the full. His purpose in calling us is to fill us with his presence and he wants us to experience the fullness of life that he wants us to have.

Love and Adventure,

Fr. Terence Pereira

Questions for Reflection

Do I follow the Lord unconditionally?

What is holding me back from totally surrendering to the Lord?

Do I love the Lord more than any of these things of the world?