As we approach the end of the liturgical year, we are reminded that everything as we know it now will come to an end. We do need to keep in mind once again that grounding our hope on the things of this world will be futile. No thing is going to ensure our everlasting life. No thing can be carried to eternity. When the world comes to an end, all that anyone is going to carry is his or her own soul to God our Father. Before God our Father, there will be no earthly achievement, no accumulation of wealth, or honour. It will be just our soul and God our Father. Nothing else.

What will our soul look like stripped away from the body and all earthly attachments? We who know how to read the sign of the times; like how we predict when the stocks and shares might drop, or when the COE will rise. We know what season it is by sensing where the wind is blowing from, but we should be well prepared for the end of time because this is cannot be predicted.

One needs to be on constant alert for the coming of the Lord Jesus. However this constant state of alert itself makes us inattentive as the soldiers on duty during the graveyard shift.

We cannot keep watch alone for the day of the Lord. We need one another to stay alert. We need one another to discern the right path that the Lord is leading us on. We should look to the things of above even as we live down here on earth.  It will be good if we look towards the end of our own life here on earth because that is more certain in the near future. To be prepared for one’s own death is to be prepared for the coming of our Lord.

Questions for Reflection

Am I more concerned about the things of this earth or the things of heaven?

Am I preparing for death even as I live life to the full?

Do I put off for tomorrow what I can do today?