In the gospel of today the Jews were murmuring. Their ancestors did something worse in the desert. They grumbled against Moses. Old habits are hard to remove when they touch on the feelings more than any other areas of one’s life. When feelings are disturbed, irrational thinking abounds.

The Jews in the Old Testament ate manna in the desert and it was a sign that Yahweh God took care of them. The Jews in the New Testament were still looking for signs and those who had seen the signs of the past eventually died. When one is familiar, one is comfortable, there is inertia to try something new or think of something new. There are no more possibilities and the impossible will always remain the impossible.

They shall be taught by God.” The Jews do not recognise this because they had put Jesus in a box and for them he could not or should not do anything more. They said, “Is this not Jesus , the son of Joseph?”

Jesus was offering them eternal life but they could not or would not comprehend it. They were looking for things that were familiar. Jesus was offering them something new – his body and blood. The newness was beyond them when they kept thinking with the old parameters.

Jesus was not afraid to lose them. He stated what needed to be stated and let them decide. He did not chase them away but let them conclude for themselves what they wanted. The Lord offers us eternal life and that might be the problem. Jesus is offering and we can always reject the offer.

Questions for Reflection

Are you willing to state the truth even if it is not accepted?

Do you recognise the truth or are you bothered by the messenger?

Jesus is the Bread of Life. Who are you searching for?