Growing is something that we all are involved in. We are

either growing in age or in wisdom or in sin or in foolishness. We are growing older or we are growing richer or poorer. We are growing healthier or we are growing sicker each day.

We can be growing in our relationship with the Lord Jesus or we could be dying in this relationship as we give into the worries and ways of the world. If we trust the Lord, we will not fully know how but we will realize that there is something different about what is going on in my life

When we are concerned with the Lord Jesus there is a peace that comes along for we know whom it is that we are trusting. In this trust, we know what is important. As we know that the Lord is walking with us a quiet confidence will grow because there is no one who can provide like the Lord and there is no one greater than the Lord. We come under the guidance of One who can provide for everything that will be required.

The seed sprouts because it is true to itself. The seed sprouts a leaf because that is what is expected of it and it is of its very nature. We have been created in the image and likeness of God our Father. Our nature is of God. Our being and working should reveal this truth. We grow in the Spirit as we are created with the breath of God. When we work for earthly gains or orientate ourselves to the ways of the world, we frustrate the spirit within us to glorify God our Father as our nature dictates of us. It is natural to praise the Lord.

By Fr. Terence Pereira

Questions for Reflection

Do you go against your very own nature to praise the Lord in all that you say and do?

Are you inclined to grow in holiness?

Does achieving world wealth and goals truly satisfy you?