We are into the ordinary times of the liturgical calendar. The ordinary sometimes thrusts us into complacency. When mum cooks dinner every night, it becomes ordinary and because it is ordinary, we forget to thank mum for her efforts or we take it for granted and don’t thank her for the thought and time taken for cooking.

When we make our way to the office, it is ordinary and routine most of the time and therefore we do not thank God our Father for the safe or smooth journey.

However, should we get caught in a massive traffic jam, we will be grumbling or praying hard for the traffic jam to clear.

When situations are normal and is ordinary we are dulled. The day becomes a boring routine. We know what we are going to do next and there is no longer any alertness within us nor do we pay attention to what is really happening around us. We relax and our guard is down to the devil prowling round like a lion to devour us.

The temptation of the devil is constant. As soon as we get over one temptation, the devil puts forward another. When we have trained ourselves well enough, we will not be troubled by some of these temptations. On our part we have to stay awake to the ways of the evil one. Scripture advises us to be on guard, as we do not know the day or hour the Lord returns. Mt 25:13. Surely if Eve was more alert, she would have known the ruse of the serpent and not fallen into disobedience

‘ I believed, and therefore I spoke’

2 Corinthians  4:13

Questions for Reflection

How grateful are you for the people in your life? How have you expressed this gratefulness to them?

Are you so used to your routine that you do not see the wonders of God our Father?

How will you grow in your relationship with the Trinity during this ordinary times?