To give up one’s life for another is the ultimate sacrifice that one can make. When we see someone make a sacrifice for a friend and we see how much it had benefited our friend, we are well pleased. We sometimes hear the phrase, ‘It’s well worth it.’ For the well being of our friend we are glad to do it.

As we celebrate the solemnity of the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, we are invited to dwell deeper into the sacrifice that Jesus made at Calvary.

It was a sacrifice made once for the eternity and therefore a sacrifice that continues to this very day. A sacrifice that reminds us of the ultimate expression of love that anyone can have for another.

People have doubts whether the consecrated host is the real Body of Jesus Christ. There are those who even say it is just a representation of the Body of Jesus Christ. Those who are of the opinion that it is a representation of the Body of Jesus Christ often think that it is okay for anyone to receive the representation of the Body of Jesus Christ.

A pure sacrifice should be received with a pure heart. The stain of sin contaminates one’s heart. Jesus gave all he had and to receive him, we too should give all that we have. Sin is holding back the love that we should give to the Lord and therefore we are not giving as Jesus is giving. To be truly one with the Lord, we should strive to remove all obstacles that are in the way of a wonderful encounter with the Body of Jesus Christ.

Questions for Reflection

What do you sacrifice for the Lord?

In Holy Communion, Jesus invites us to be one with him. How are you one with the Lord?

Oneness with the Lord means oneness with the community. Are you one with the community of believers and how are you one?