Anyone who has climbed a mountain will tell you of the beauty that they beheld for fleeting moments. It would have been wonderful to remain at the top of the mountain but anyone who has climbed a mountain to top will tell you that it is impossible to remain there for long.

When you have climbed to one mountaintop, you want to climb another. The sight is breathless. Experiencing the love of Jesus is intense and an experience never to be forgotten. It touches the soul’s depth. You want to experience it again.

The Lenten season is a time for intimate relationships to grow. It is a time of intense effort because we love our Father very much. Our desire for conversion expressed through our acts of penance can have only this one source.

The first reading tells of one such man who had his great love for the God that he did not count anything as too much to surrender in order to continue in the immense love of the Lover of all lovers. Our Father knew Abraham’s love even though Abraham did not know the depth of our Father’s love for him.

The second reading affirms the truth of our Father’s love – ‘if God is for us, who can be against us?’ While Abraham’s son was spared, our Father did not spare his only Son for the love of man.

As Abraham did not know the love of God our Father, neither did the apostles know the ‘love’ they were eating and drinking with. When the truth, the glory of the Lord was revealed to them, they were overwhelmed. They were terrified.

Questions for Reflection

Have you experienced the love of the Lord? Share this with someone.

Do you want to experience the love of the Lord?

What are you willing to do to wait on the Lord?